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By David Brown

‘They’ Are Not Millennials

How to understand, lead, motivate, and inspire the newest generation of your workforce.

Have you ever heard or said any of these?

“Millennials are entitled.”

“Millennials only care about vacations and social media.”

“Millennial don’t have the same work ethic as older employees.”

If you answered yes, this book is for you!

‘They’ Are Not Millennials addresses the issues facing organizational leaders coping with a rapidly evolving workplace culture. This book provides an understanding of the differences in the youngest employees entering the workforce. It includes leadership insights and strategies to lead, motivate, and inspire a young workforce into achieving organizational and personal development goals.


David Brown

David Brown began his career in 2005 when he joined the Ohio State Highway Patrol. He has held multiple positions within the patrol from trooper to staff lieutenant. He has a bachelor’s degree from the Ohio State University in sociology and criminology.

As a trooper, he served at the Dayton post and the Columbus Motorcycle Unit before accepting a promotion to sergeant. As a sergeant, he served at the Circleville post and later transferred to the training academy where he was the course director for the Cadet Training Program as well as the Standardized Field Sobriety Testing course. During his time at the academy his focus began to shift on developing future leaders of the organization.


In 2015 he accepted a promotion to lieutenant, taking command of the Lima Post. He later transferred to the West Jefferson Post to assume command. During his tenure as a lieutenant he focused on his leadership skills. In particular he actively engaged himself in learning how to lead a new generation of employee. In 2018, he earned a promotion to assistant district commander of the Columbus District. 

David currently teaches leadership development courses through Culture of Command.



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